The former chairman of Somaliland’s House of Representatives accused Muse Bihi of inciting tribal wars.


The former chairman of the House of Representatives of Somaliland, Abdirisaaq Khalif Ahmed, blamed the President of Somaliland for the fighting that took place yesterday and yesterday in the Sool region.

Khalifa said that he is sorry for the renewed war in the region, he said that he is not interested in the residents of your street.

“This issue is really very regrettable, and I am sorry for the renewed wars, and it is not in the interest of the local people. In fact, anyone who is involved is contributing to the actions of Muse Bihi and his administration in the area,” he said. Caliph.

He said that 4 to 5 men who left Oog were responsible for the war, which could have been resolved, but the way they answered it was not pretty, so it should be the way Muse Bihi was looking for as he said.

“I would like to send a call for peace to the people living in the area and suggest that it is not in the interests of the local people to have a communal war in the area where they live,” said Khalif.

Fighting between the SSC Khatumo forces, tribal forces and Somaliland forces in Yayle and Buqdharkayn areas.

The fight was said to have been fought between prisoners and traffic, while SSC Khatumo presented prisoners it captured.