The SSC-Khatumo administration accused Somaliland of carrying out aggressive attacks on Khatumo areas.


SSC-Khatumo has blamed Somaliland for the fight that took place this morning in Yeyla area of ​​Sool region, saying that Somaliland is using communal warfare.

A statement from the Secretary of Security and Defense of the SSC-Khatumo administration said “This morning Somaliland terrorist militias launched an ambush attack on the SSC-Khatumo defense forces in the Yeyle area of ​​the Sool region”.

The statement added that the SSC-Khatumo Defense Forces, which were on full alert, resisted the militants who attacked them.

“The Hargeisa government’s new technology and the efforts of Moses to turn the war into a communal war and the clash of communal grazing communities cannot be confused with the administration of SSC-Khatumo and the world,” said the statement of SSC-Khatumo.

Finally, SSC-Khatumo accused Somaliland of being an obstacle to peace as stated in the text.