25 people who were supposed to join Al-Shabaab were arrested by the National Security and Intelligence Agency (NISA).


The National Intelligence and Security Agency said it has arrested 25 people, including young boys, who were planning to join the terrorists.

NISA said, these people were arrested near Afgoye. She also arrested the driver of the minibus and two accomplices.

It has not been confirmed where the 25 people who NISA said were going to join Al-Shabaab. The agency did not provide more information than that.

He came to this news, as the government has already said that more than 10 thousand Al-Shabaab were killed in the battles and bombings carried out in Galmudug and Hirshabeelle.

Also, many people surrendered to the government, who separated from al-Shabaab, and most of the surrendered areas are in the South West.

Al-Shabaab has been accused of recruiting very young soldiers every year, who are forcibly taken away from their parents, to participate in attacks against government forces and ATMIS.