Some of the MPs of AWDAL Region who made a decision on the elections and power distribution ratio


Some members of the Somaliland House of Representatives, who were elected from Awdal region, have proposed to correct the system of distribution and increase the number of polling stations in the region.

MP Mohamed Hussein Maydhane, who read the decisions to the media, said that they want the constitution to be opened, to review the distribution, and to review the polling stations in Awdal region.

“We have decided that the constitution of the country should be opened and the Somaliland clans should be clarified as to how they are going to do things, to correct and agree on the method of the ratio of seats in the legislature, executive and development projects, the number of polling stations should be increased, and the method of counting votes should be Maydhane said.

Although the cultural elders of Awdal region supported the recommendation of the cultural committee on election issues, some politicians in the region are not satisfied that the organizations are excluded from the presidential election.

Also, the Chairman of Hilaac Association, Ahmed Ismail Samatar, who is a politician from Awdal, is one of the two chairman of the association who have not yet accepted the decision of the cultural committee.