Al-Shabaab leaders were killed in an operation whose names were announced by the Federal Government.


The government of Somalia has today announced the number of al-Shabaab leaders who were killed in a planned operation carried out by the government forces and international friends in Gumarka Cosobow Ali area of ​​Ruun-Nirgood district.

In this operation, which took place on the 12th of this month, a vehicle called Noohada was destroyed, according to the government, leaders and militants of the Al-Shabaab group were on board.

The government of Somalia, with the help of the people and international friends, said that it is committed to the elimination of al-Shabaab, saying that the leaders of al-Shabaab are being targeted in every area.

Here are some of the names of the leaders of Al-Shabaab that the government said were killed in the operation in Gumarka Cosobow Ali.

1. Salad Dheere, the leader of the rebellion in the Middle Shabelle region, has previously served as the deputy leader of the rebellion in the Galgaduud region.

2. Abdullahi Ailow, was the leader of the Al-Shabaab group, and he was taking orders from more than 300 militiamen, who belonged to what they call the Middle Shabelle Front.

3. Shuayb, he was the leader of tracking the leaders and Al-Shabaab operating in the Middle Shabelle region.

4. Abdullahi Hussein Qodax “Abdullahi Madobe”, whose real name was Abdikarin, was, according to the government, the leader of the explosions in the Middle Shabelle region, he also operated in Galgaduud.

5. Bagaha, was the leader of the Al-Shabaab group that was prepared to attack the areas of Daru-nimca and Ali-heel.

6. Saylici, was a sub-leader of Al-Shabaab’s misinformation division in Alkata’ib and he was under Lieutenant Yonis, who is the top man in the division of Al-Shabaab’s message creation and dissemination.

7. Ahmed Mohamed, who was known as Xerow and Nadir, was the leader of the so-called emergency prepared by Hiran and Galgaduud regions. and Hiran.