A battle that caused a lot of damage in El-Lahelay area of ​​Galgudud region


Heavy fighting took place this afternoon in El-Lahelay area of ​​Galgaduud region, after the Al-Shabaab group attacked the government and local forces who had been in the area for about 10 days.

There is very little information about the war, as there is no communication in the area, but it was confirmed that the war that started in the afternoon was intense.

Minister of Defense of the XFS Abdul Qadir Mohamed Noor (University) was recently in the area that was attacked this afternoon in Eel-Lahelay.

No one has so far given any information about the heavy fighting, the government forces are ready to defend themselves against any attack from Al-Shabaab.

Units of Danab, Gor Gor and the local liberation forces were in Eel-Lahelay these days, and there were also officials who accompanied the army representing the people living in the liberated areas.

The battle that took place this afternoon in El-Lahelay was said to have been accompanied by airstrikes by the country’s armed forces, especially Danab, supported by warplanes in the air.

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Apart from the news that a heavy battle has taken place, there are no details from the government or other information that indicates what happened.

The heaviest war with Al-Shabaab is now open in Galmudug, at least three areas such as El-Lahelay, Hinlebi and Las-Gacamey are with the government forces, these areas and others have been liberated from the group this week.