In the Somali region of Kenya in the North East, the Kenyan army killed 5 members of Al-Shabaab.


At least 5 Al Shabaab members were killed in an attack on a position of the Al Shabaab group in Harboole-Fafi area, and explosives, medicines and other materials were recovered.

The Kenyan army received intelligence information and attacked the area believed to be one of the al-Shabaab’s supply camps.

It is believed that this base is used to make explosives to be planted on important roads in Garisa and Lamu district, to target the security forces.

The Kenyan government has announced that it has launched strong operations to fight al-Shabaab, after the increase in attacks in Lamu and Garissa counties.

Last Sunday, Al Shabaab planted mines in Bodhei-Majengo area along Milimani and Baure road in Lamu region, where they killed a number of Kenyan defense forces.