Al-Shabaab’s head of finance in the Bay region, which the Ministry of Defense says has been killed


The Ministry of Defense of Somalia said that an operation took place this morning in areas of the Bay region, killing the head of the al-Shabaab group in charge of financial affairs in the Bay region and other officials.

The Ministry of Defense said that this leader was in charge of Al-Shabaab extortion money that he used to take from the villages of Cadegeow Garar, Warta Dolar, Weley Bagal, and Ey-Duray villages in the Bay region.

The ministry said this operation was a heavy blow to the illegal activities of Al-Shabaab in the Bay region.

On the other hand, an operation carried out jointly by the XDS and international forces killed 10 members of Al-Shabaab, who were meeting in the area of ​​Gumarka Cosobow Ali under Ruun-Nirgod district in the Middle Shabelle region.

A truck packed with explosives was also destroyed, according to the government

The government of Somalia is accelerating the war against al-Shabaab, receiving support from the airstrikes carried out by international friends.