In Galgudud region, an attack occurred and a leader and a militia were killed.


Reports from Galgaduud state that an airstrike took place between Eel Garas and Eel Lahelay areas, killing members of the Al-Shabaab group, including militants and their leaders.

The bombardment which was strong and was heard from areas far away from where the bombardment took place was said to have killed a leader named Khalif Gambe and other militiamen who were with him, whose number has not been disclosed.

Deputy Minister of Security of Galmudug administration, Ali Bashi Abdullahi Ganbir confirmed to the media that the attack was carried out jointly by the forces of the Federal Government of Somalia and international partners.

Minister Ali Bashi also said that the bombed members were driving two Abdile cars, led by Khalif Gambe, who pointed out that Al-Shabaab was in charge of Galmudug administration areas.

The reports add that the leader and the members of the group who were killed in the bombing organized an army in the area of ​​Eelgaras and two days ago they were taken over by the government forces and the local people.

This bombing attack comes at the same time as the areas of Galmudug administration, especially in the east of Galgaduud region, are carrying out heavy operations against the Al-Shabaab group.