The government and local forces are on the verge of capturing Wabxo.


The forces of the federal government of Somalia with the help of the local people known as mawisley are reported to be supporting Wabxo area in Galgaduud region.

These heavily armed forces have moved from Mahaas district in Hiran region, which have gone in several directions into Wabxo area where Al-Shabaab is currently located.

Officials of the army that we talked to told us that the plan of the army is to take over Wabxo area and other areas under Eelbur district in the next few hours.

However, the government forces and the locals have already taken over Wazbo area and other areas including Eelbur district, but they have been in those areas for a few days and they have come out, as the government of Somalia has said that the withdrawal was a war strategy.