Lawmakers bring forward a motion to oust Interior Minister


The Minister of Interior & Federalism Abdullahi Godax Barre was recently summoned by Somali lawmakers to the National Assembly building in Mogadishu to answer a few questions regarding the formation of district and regional administrations for areas liberated from Al-Shabaab in Somalia.

In today’s session, over 65 Members of Parliament (MPs) have brought forward a motion to have a vote of confidence against Abdullahi Godah Barre, the Minister of Interior & Federalism. The second Deputy Speaker was chairing the session with 128 legislators in attendance.

Abdinasir Garane an MP of the Federal Parliament and also among the 65 lawmakers that have raised their discontent in Barre’s role as Minister, said that the government needs to review whether Mr. Barre is suitable enough to hold onto the title or whether he needs to be replaceddownload-23