Woman state official killed and Yakshid Administrator arrested four suspects.


RahmaRahmaA woman state administrator has been killed in Somalia and two reporters shot and injured in the war-torn country.
The Deputy Commissioner of Somalia’s Yakshid District in north Mogadishu, Ms Rahma Dahir Siad, was killed near her home on Wednesday evening.
Ms Siad’s killing was first made public by the Mogadishu Deputy Mayor on Security Affairs, Mr Warsame Mohamed Hassan Jodah.
“Ms Rahma was attacked and killed around Sheikh Hassan Adde Mosque, near Fagah Crossroad,” said Mr Jodah.
The killers managed to flee before security officials reached the scene of crime.
Yakshid District Commissioner Mohydin Hassan Jurus told the media on Thursday that his district security forces had apprehended four suspects.
Fragile states
“We suspect two of those detained to be the perpetrators of the murder of my deputy,” said Mr Jurus.
Violence, including assassinations, landmine explosions and suicide missions have recently escalated in Somalia, especially since the leaders of Al-Shabaab promised to multiply their attacks during the Holy Month of Ramadhan.