President Hassan Sheikh condemned attack onTurkish civilians in Mogadishu.


Somali preH.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, has condemned the attack on Turkish civilians in Mogadishu on Saturday and offered his condolences to the Government of Turkey, the victims and the families of those who have lost loved ones.
The President said, “Today’s attack is an act of cowardly desperation by terrorists who care nothing for peace and stability in Somalia. The Turkish Government is one of our most determined and dependable allies, and an attack on its citizens here in Mogadishu is deplorable. I wish to convey my deepest sympathies to all those injured or affected by the blast, and I offer my sincere condolences to the families of those who lost their lives.
“Many Turks have come to Somalia to help our recovery. They have shown immense commitment and leadership and the people of Somalia are very grateful for their tireless efforts over the past two years. We have new schools and hospitals because of their extraordinary work.
“I condemn this criminal act of terrorism and my government and security forces will do everything it can to catch those who planned and directed it. We must continue to stand firm against those who seek to destroy this country and, with the brave support of our allies, we must double our efforts to deliver the peaceful future the Somali people so desperately want.”