The Commander of the Special Operation in East Africa held a meeting with the President of the Jubaland Administration.


The President of Jubbaland Ahmed Madobe received in Kismayo the head of the US government in charge of special operations in East Africa, Colonel David Haskell, who visited Kismayo.

The meeting between the two officials discussed the operations carried out by the Jubbaland forces and the security support of the United States of America related to the war against Al-Shabaab.

“We discussed the latest renewed and successful efforts to liberate new areas by the armed forces in Jubaland, and we urged the United States government to help the Somali people to eliminate the Khawarij,” said President Ahmed. Madobe said in a post he posted on his website X.

The Presidency of Jubbaland said that Colonel David Haskell praised the operations that liberated the Bulohaji area and the surrounding areas, noting that the successes achieved in the latest operations show how Jubbaland is committed to the liberation of the areas that still remain under the Khawarij.

The Commander of the Jubbaland Intelligence Agency, Mohamed Ahmed Sabriye, and the Commander of the Dervish Forces, General Ismail Sahardid, were part of the meeting.