The Somaliland administration threatened to fight with what they called an allied enemy.


The government of Somaliland has announced to prepare for the defense of Somaliland and the elections scheduled for November 13.

In an extraordinary meeting of the Somaliland Cabinet chaired by President Muse Bihi Abdi, decisions were made including the defense of Somaliland and the holding of elections.

“The council declared that the elections will be held on time and the country will be strongly defended against those who have come together to harm the nationalism of Somaliland, which is threatening the new conflict,” said the statement issued by the presidency.

The text added that the people of Somaliland must prepare for the elections and the defense of Somaliland.

The former Vice President of Puntland, Ahmed Karaash, recently said that SSC Khatumo needs a part of the city of Eerigabo to raise its flag.

Also, the political relationship between Somaliland and Djibouti deteriorated, after Djibouti saw a threat to the Somaliland-Ethiopian agreement, as movements against Somaliland were invited to the capital of Djibouti.