The Puntland audit has ordered the submission of all government vehicles.


The Auditor General of Puntland has ordered the individuals in control of the government vehicles to hand them over, before legal action is taken against them. This statement follows an investigation into the disappearance of many vehicles belonging to the administration.

Last month, a vehicle belonging to the administration was found to have been traded in the markets. Some escaped and were bought from areas outside Puntland. Most of these issues happened during the Puntland elections.

The Auditor General of Puntland, Osman Mohamed Ali Gaas, ordered all those who do not hold government positions and have government vehicles, to return them to the Auditor’s Office by July 16, 2024.

The auditor said that there is a need to comply with government directives. He said the names of those who do not comply will be forwarded to law enforcement agencies.

The statement of the Puntland auditor comes at a time when politicians who have held positions in Puntland and military officers are still in control of government vehicles.