Somali youth killed on the border between Kenya and Uganda.


More news is coming out of an attack that killed three Somalis that took place on the border between Kenya and Uganda.

The killing of these three Somalis and the wounding of 7 others were caused by angry people who used swords and powder to kill Somali citizens.

The three people who died and seven others who were injured were said to be all young people who studied in Uganda and Kenya and were on their way to Kampala, Uganda.

“The dead youths and those who died were thrown from the car they were riding in, after they got lost on the road and went to a village where there was violence, where angry people killed and injured them with swords and gunpowder armed with angry people,” said one of them. one of the relatives of the country who died in the attack.

This incident that happened last Friday caused Somalis traveling between the two countries to be afraid and stopped the Somali vehicles traveling between Uganda and Kenya.

Finally, the relatives of the dead and injured have asked the Kenyan government officials to seek justice for their people who were unjustly killed and injured while traveling.