The leader of the Daesh group in Somalia confirmed to be alive after the claim of his death in the USA.


The leader of the Daesh group in Somalia, Abdulqadir Mu’min, was found to be alive and survived an airstrike targeted by the United States on May 31 this year.

An informed source of the Puntland authorities told Some of Media that the leader of Daesh is still in a secret place with high security in the Calmikaad mountains in the Bari region, where the Daesh group is based.

The leader of Daesh appeared while talking to Daesh fighters, who are being prepared to fight against the al-Shabaab group, and they are fighting for the supremacy of the Bari region.

Recently, US intelligence officials have confirmed that an attack carried out by the US in Somalia at the end of May targeted the top leader of the Daesh group in Somalia, Abdul Qadir Mu’min, but it was not confirmed that he was killed in the attack.

Three US officials confirmed that the target of the attack was the top leader of ISIS in Somalia, Abdiqadir Mu’min. But three other members were killed in the attack and others were injured.

ISIS has a large influence in the Bari region of Puntland, and is known to attack businesses and people who do not pay extortion money.