Luuq District in Gedo Region which was reached today by a peace delegation from Jubaland.


The delegation, led by the vice president of the Jubbaland administration, Mohamud Sayid Adan, arrived today in the town of Luuq in the Gedo region, where a communal war has taken place in recent days.

The Jubbaland Vice President’s delegation includes Ministers and MPs from Jubbaland, and the airport of Luuq district has brought the administration of that district and various sections of the society very close.

The purpose of this delegation that went to the town of Luuq is to work on finding a solution to the tribal war and peaceful coexistence among the clans that have been fighting for the past few days in that town.

The communal war that took place in Luuq district for three consecutive days has confirmed the death of 30 people from the warring parties and civilians, and many more were injured.